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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Research Fellowships available for early career researchers across any area of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) remit.

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  • Deadline: 11th October 2022
  • Funding: 80% salary costs
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Location: UK-wide

What we're looking for

Through an independent research fellowship (IRF), NERC will invest in researchers seeking to conduct their own environmental research within an eligible host organisation. Applicants should demonstrate convincing evidence of working towards this goal and a high potential to become independent research leaders in the future.

Applicants will demonstrate that, if awarded an IRF, they will be working independently of senior colleagues with whom they might have previously collaborated or with whom they might currently be working in a supporting role. Reviewers and panel members must be convinced that the applicant has devised their own research questions.

NERC supports fellows undertaking research across the breadth of the NERC remit within environmental sciences, including:

  • freshwater
  • earth
  • atmospheric
  • marine and terrestrial sciences
  • earth observation
  • polar science.

Proposals need to be at least 50% within NERC’s remit. However, proposals to work at the environmental science, socio-economic and engineering interfaces are acceptable and encouraged.

NERC is also particularly keen to attract scientists in areas of applied mathematics, physics or strongly quantitative disciplines wishing to develop a career in environmental science.

Who can apply

This opportunity is open to applicants who hold a PhD qualification or expect to submit their PhD thesis before the fellowship interview takes place in March 2023. Individuals demonstrating an upward track to pursuing working independently and developing research leadership are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should not apply if they currently hold a tenured academic post or academic position at lecturer level (or equivalent position).

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