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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Launched in June 2021, the Turing-Roche strategic partnership is a five-year collaboration between The Alan Turing Institute (the UK’s national institute for data science and AI) and Roche (the global pharmaceutical company). The partnership’s ‘North Star’ is to enable the generation of insights to better understand patient and disease heterogeneity and its relevance to clinical outcomes at an unprecedented level of precision in order to improve clinical care.

Last year we ran a call and associated workshops on the theme of structured missingness, seconding two project teams into the Turing for 18 months. This year, the partnership is exploring the theme of predictive modelling and is inviting applications for funding. 

Three main topics aligned with the North Star of the Turing-Roche partnership and involving predictive modelling development will be open to receive research project proposals. Proposals may encompass, and must specify, one or more themes:

Stream 1: Generalisation despite data heterogeneity
Stream 2: Prediction uncertainty in personalised healthcare
Stream 3: Algorithmic explainability and fairness for AI in healthcare

For further details, please see the open call and FAQs documents.