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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


The Synthetic Biology Group at the Earlham Institute currently have an opportunity for an outstanding post-doctoral scientist within our Synthetic Biology Group. The candidate must have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of genomics and molecular biology, and be proficient in techniques used in the design and construction of genetic circuits.

Application deadline 14 Aug 2016
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The Synthetic Biology Group at the Earlham Institute is part of the science faculty and is engaged in engineering photosynthetic organisms for bio-production and improving plants for increased production and nutritive value. We are interested in the development of foundational tools and technologies for plant synthetic biology and also in applying such tools, including precision genome engineering technologies, to adapt photosynthetic organisms for industrial biotechnology and to make crops that are healthier to consume and less environmentally damaging to cultivate. We believe in responsible and open innovation and science and are actively engaged with efforts to extend this ethos to bioresources.

The project aims to design and assess novel synthetic regulatory elements for plants. In doing so we will gain an understanding of plant promoter architecture and advance technologies for quantifying expression from genetic circuits in plant cells.

The post holder will have a PhD in Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Molecular Biology or a related subject with an understanding of the control of transcription and gene expression, particularly in eukaryotes. Experience in molecular biology laboratory techniques, including molecular cloning, recombinant DNA technologies, genotyping and assessment of gene expression is essential and experience in genomic data analysis and transformation and transfection of plant cells is desirable.

The post holder will have access to the cutting edge laboratory automation facilities in the Earlham Institute’s DNA Foundry and also interact with other synthetic biology ventures on Norwich Science Park e.g. the OpenPlant Synthetic Biology Centre.

The Earlham Institute is a vibrant, contemporary research institute. We host one of the largest computing hardware facilities dedicated to life science research in Europe and our aim is to ensure that biological science in the UK has access to a skill base in genomics and bioinformatics to deliver programmes leading to improved food security, advances in industrial biotechnology and improved human health and wellbeing.

At EI we offer competitive salaries, excellent defined contribution pension scheme, life assurance, tailored learning and development and onsite sports facilities that are available to all staff and their guests.