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This PhD project with Dr Frank Tietze at the Institute for Manufacturing will be focused on a recent phenomenon that can be labelled “OpenIP”, for instance where large IP owners strategically make IP freely available through patent pledges. These seem to be carefully designed by the companies for different reasons and with a number of restrictions on licensees, such as non-assertion clauses.

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The purpose of this project is to better understanding OpenIP strategies and their consequences on technology diffusion as well as their societal impact.

The project aims to understand:

  • Why OpenIP strategies are employed
  • Which, by whom and how OpenIP strategies are utilized 
  • Which consequences they have on technology diffusion.

The project will deliver both academic and practical outcomes and will lead to journal publications and conference papers, as well public workshop reports. It will create impact through the development of frameworks and tools to help different stakeholders to better understand, but also utilize OpenIP strategies.

The Centre for Technology Management is looking for a candidate with, or expected to gain a high 2:1, preferably a 1st class honours degree in Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management. They should have a good knowledge or experience of technology and innovation management, preferably with specific knowledge of open innovation strategies and IP management. The successful candidate will be based at the Institute for Manufacturing. 

Applicants from the UK are eligible for a full award, full University and College fees and a maintenance allowance of at least £14,057 per year. Applicants from the EU are only eligible for a fees only award unless they can be deemed a Home student, i.e., have been permanent residents in the UK for the 3 years preceding October 2017. Overseas applicants are not eligible for this scholarship.

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Dr Frank Tietze before submitting the application.

 Applications should be made on-line via the Cambridge Graduate Admissions Office external link before the deadline. 

Deadline for applications is 31 January 2017.