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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Up to 3 year fellowships availble for PhD students representing the future of research in areas including computational neuroscience, heath research and machine learning. Includes a bursary and assigned Google mentor. Internal application process via the Research Strategy Office.

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  • Internal deadline: 1st September
  • Funder deadline: 30th September
  • Stipend: unspecified
  • Location: University of Cambridge


Google has announced funding call for Google PhD Fellowships. Students receive named Fellowships which include a monetary award. Fellowships in Europe include:

  • Up to 3 year Fellowship
  • Yearly bursary towards stipend / salary, health care, social benefits, tuition and fees, conference travel and personal computing equipment. The bursary varies by country.
  • Google Research Mentor

The opportunity is open to full-time graduate students pursuing a PhD. Students must remain enrolled full-time in the PhD Programme for the duration of the Fellowship. Students cannot apply directly; they have to be nominated by their host university.

The Fellowships are awarded to students who represent the future of research in the following fields:

  • Algorithms, Optimizations and Markets
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Health Research
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision
  • Mobile Computing
  • Natural Language Processing (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
  • Privacy and Security
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Quantum Computing
  • Structured Data and Database Management
  • Systems and Networking


The funds are given directly to the university to be distributed to cover the student’s expenses and stipend as appropriate. The funds are given as an unrestricted gift, and it is Google’s policy not to pay for overhead on unrestricted gifts. In addition, the student will be matched with a Google Research Mentor. There is no employee relationship between the student and Google as a result of receiving the fellowship. Fellowship recipients are not subject to intellectual property restrictions unless they complete an internship at Google. Fellowship recipients serving an internship are subject to the same intellectual property and other contractual obligations as any other Google intern. If a Fellowship student is interested, an internship at Google is encouraged, but not guaranteed or required.

More information on the call can be found here.

How to Apply

To take part in the internal selection process please submit:

  • an internal selection form (contact the Research Strategy office for a copy)
  • current CV with publications
  • a letter of recommendation from the Head of host Department

to by 1 September 2020.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact

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