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Engineering Biology in Cambridge

The Steering Committee spans the Schools of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology in addition to organisations like the Centre for Science and Policy and Microsoft Research. They determine the direction and activities of the IRC, led by Co-Chairs Professor Laura Machesky and Dr Jenny Molloy.


Meetings are organised and minuted by the IRC Coordinator Hend Aly. Items for the agenda or updates you would like to communicate to the committee can be emailed to







Steering Group Retreat June 2023

Steering Committee Members:

Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate Committee

Sheila Bhatt

Shanlin Tong

Lasva Vankayala



Postdoctoral Committee

The EngBio IRC Postdoc Committee aims to support early career researchers working on engineering biology at Cambridge. We connect researchers across schools and institutes, to create opportunities for networking, collaboration and career advancement. We promote activities tailored towards postdoctoral researchers including workshops and seminars.

Committee May 2023

Alberto Giaretta

Irina Gostimskaya

Santiago Rodriguez Jimenez

Roger Rubio Sanchez

Indra Roux

Lin Su