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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


We are seeking highly innovative organic chemists with the experience and drive necessary to develop our ground-breaking new platform for DNA synthesis. As a member of the chemistry team, you will play a key role in the design and synthesis of the highly novel organic molecules required for the synthesis of DNA in a massively parallel fashion. You will also be involved in the development of the automated chemistry processes that will underpin our technology.

These are very exciting roles at the cutting edge of biotechnology and synthetic biology. You will be working as part of a closely knit multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists, surface chemists, software engineers and biologists, and so will possess a willingness to rapidly learn the new skills required to develop this radical new technology.

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Evonetix is a start-up company which is set to revolutionize de novo gene synthesis, as needed to facilitate the fast-growing and incredibly exciting field of synthetic biology.  Our technology is based upon a novel silicon array, manufactured with semiconductor microfabrication techniques and capable of independent control of many thousands of miniaturized reaction sites, allowing massive parallelism of the DNA synthesis process

Your Skills and Experience

  • Educated to BSc/MSc/PhD level in synthetic organic chemistry and/or with significant industrial experience in optimizing processes in synthetic organic chemistry.
  • Confident with a range of analytical methods including NMR, MS, HPLC.
  • Able to meet deadlines, to lead research and to propose the innovative strategies that will be required to achieve our aims.
  • Have the excellent written and oral communication skills required for presenting across disciplines.
  • The ability to work in a fast-changing scientific environment that requires continual enhancement of knowledge and skills at the interfaces of several scientific disciplines.
  • A strong understanding of lab safety including COSHH/HSE and risk assessments.
  • The ability to carry out synthetic chemistry route design and process optimization.
  • Experience in the use of the chemistry and analytical techniques associated with oligo synthesis, DNA synthesis and DNA sequencing would be highly beneficial.
  • Experience in any of these areas would also be of interest; flow chemistry, automated chemistry and nucleotide/nucleoside chemistry.
  • Experience in the use of Chemdraw, Reaxys and instrumentation software such as HPLC, LC-MS etc.