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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Funding, job and studentship opportunities in synthetic and engineering biology both within Cambridge and externally.

Opportunities by Category

Funding Opportunities: internal and external grant funding opportunities and other sources of funding.

Job Opportunities: a list of current and past postdoc, lecturer and senior academic roles as well as roles in Cambridge-based companies and wider opportunitites across synthetic and engineering biology.

Internships: placements outside of academia in industry, policy organisations and other environments. 

Postgraduate studentships: PhD studentships, Masters courses and other postgraduate placement opportunities.

Undergraduate placement opportunities: if you are looking for a summer placement or Part II or Part III project, we can signpost to relevant synthetic and/or engineering biology labs based on your interests. Please email

All Opportunities

Assistant Professor - Synthetic Biology position available at University of Florida.

Up to £20,000 funding for development of relationships with non-academic stakeholders, beneficiaries, and partners in topics related to social sciences.

£3-5 million funding to undertake world-leading research to advance the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK.

£2 million funding for bioscience research that addresses significant fundamental questions in bioscience.

Up to £1,500 plus administrative assistance to support collaborative initiatives that reach across disciplinary boundaries, including those between the sciences and the humanities. Applications weclome from graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and academics.

Up to £125,000 for outstanding international research leaders to undertake a flexible 12 month period of sabbatical leave in a UK university or research institution, to foster international collaborative links and enriching scientific research in the host organisation as well as the wider UK science base.

Up to £300,000 grants to enable UK universities and not-for-profit research institutions to attract and recruit internationally outstanding leading researchers to their organisation.

The Company of Biologists is looking for proposals for biological workshops in 2024. Funding and admistration will be covered by the company and they are lookign for experts to provide proposals and act as scientific leads. Applications welcome from the UK and countries from teh Global South.

Grants of up to $12.2k for groups working on existing or new open science hardware projects, with the aim of building collaboration with industry experts, groups, and organisations.

Postdoc-level position available at Cambridge synthetic biology startup Xap Therapeutics. Working with CRISPR technology to engineer iPSCs and create novel cell therapies.

Postdoc position available in the lab of Prof. David Lea-Smith at the University of East Anglia. Working on genetic engineering of bacteria to convert waste hydrocarbons into high-value compounds.

Postdoc-level position available at synthetic biology start-up CC Bio. Working to develop therapeutically useful peptides and enzymes capable of modifying the microbiome.

Position available for an experienced postdoc at technology consultants Sagentia Innovation. Workign to identify and evaluate biotechnology opportunities for clients from start-ups through to global market leaders.

12-month internship available for engineering student studying mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering or similar interested in a year long placement.

Postdoc-level position in the Bioinovation team at technology consultants Cambridge Consultants. Working to drive developments in areas such as industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, protein engineering and cell and gene therapy.

Up to £300,000 available for interdisciplinary projects between medicine and engineering, including healthcare technology and artificial intelligence/ machine learning.

University-wide call for data champions to act as local advocates for good research data management, supporting researchers in areas such as data organisation, storage and sharing.

Postdoc-level synthetic microbiologist position available with carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration company Blakeway Weyburn. Working to deliver cutting-edge microbe-based technologies for carbon utilisation, capture, product manufacture, and long-term storage.

The Earlham Institute is looking for a motivated scientist with skills in leadership and biotechnology to manage the Earlham Biofoundry. The main role of the Biofoundry Manager is to provide ongoing access to the Biofoundry’s equipment and expertise.

Internship opportunity at British American Tabacco Southampton for current undergraduates in life sciences, biology, biochemistry or organic chemistry.

1 year paid internship available for 2nd year and above undergraduates as a Statistician, Statistical Data Scientist or Statistical Programmer/Analyst at GSK.

8-12 week internship opportunity at research tools provider CRB Discovery. Working on generation of a new set of antibodies to be added to the Discovery Antibodies Catalogue.

Postdoc position available in the lab of Prof. Harrison Steel. Working to develop new technologies for study and engineering of microbial communities to tackle challenges in medicine and biomanufacturing.

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology are looking for a new group leader in the field of Synthetic Biology. The position will be appointed within the Division of Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry.

10% funding contributions for large STEM grants (over £5 million). Open to University of Cambridge researchers.

Up to £1500 funding for University of Cambridge staff and students supporting initiatives across that aim to challenge discrimination and inequalities, increase the representation of under-represented groups, raise awareness of issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion, and facilitate implementation of good practice.

Funding available for Cambridgeshire-based clinical research projects lead by younger and newly established researchers seeking to obtain their first funding.

The Forum for Global Challenges are inviting proposals for contributions to their inaugral conference in May 2022. Topics include green economy, restoring nature, future of cities, food and nutrition security and health and wellbeing.

The Cambridge Reproduction SRI currently have four funding schemes to support interdisciplinary research, training and development.

Up to £300K funding for early career researchers who have yet to make the transition to be an independent researcher. Funding for research within social and economic sciences and the interface with the wider sciences.


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