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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Other Events, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Meetings



*Building and Rebuilding Complex Tissues -18 July Robinson College, Cambridge

The University are partnering with the British Society for Developmental Biology and the International Society for Regenerative Biology to deliver a one-day international meeting tackling the biggest questions in tissue development and regeneration through interdisciplinary collaborations.  See the poster here.
For any questions, please contact
Registrations are now open – find out more on the event website! 
Deadline for poster abstract submission is 11 March 2024, 5pm. 
Early bird registration closes on 1 April 2024


*Biomaker Meetups

This is our monthly in-person, informal meetup @ makespace for anyone interested in bio and tech, with pizza. This is very much an informal event with no set activities. It is a chance for people to discuss ideas, work on their own biotech projects, or help with ongoing ones (both hardware and software). Every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Sign up HERE


*Cambridge Enterprise Events

Our programmes and events include knowledge sharing, training, showcases and networking opportunities covering a range of topics relating to impact and commercialisation. Whats On Here.


*Public Engagement Training 'Engaged Researcher' - Now offering Online and In-Person Sessions!

The ‘Engaged Researcher’ training covers all areas of public engagement with research by combining expert led practical workshops and taught sessions. No Public Engagement story is the same and this is reflected in the diversity of the training programme offered. To register and to see full list of trainings please go to UTBS

Learn more >>


*The Postdoc Academy - Various writing workshops, masterclasses and events throughout the year

Researcher development encompasses all the learning and development that you experience during your time in Cambridge.It provides you with the skills you need right now for your current work, as well as for your future, whatever that might look like. You can find upcoming training, events, resources for researchers from a range of providers across the University on our Postdoc Calendar

Learn more >>


*Wellcome Connecting Science Conference 'Synthetic Biology for Health and Sustainability' 21-23 October, Hinxton Cambridge

Explore the impact of synthetic biology on health and the environment! More details HERE


Single Molecule Approaches to Uncover the Physical Principles in Biology, 13-14 July 2024 Newry, ME, USA

One-day part is GRS - a seminar for PhDs, speakers, and postdocs to meet each other and prepare for the successful main part of the conference (GRC).

There are places open to give a talk or to be chair of a session. Please apply promptly, before they are already set.

The speaker list includes Taekjip Ha (Harvard Medical School), Philipp Kukura (Oxford University), Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard University), Ralf Jungmann (LMU Munich), Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (Howard Hughes Medical Institute).

The deadline for presenting talks or chairing the session is April 7, 2024.

If you have any questions, please let me know (

More information:


*Milner Therapeutics Symposium 2024

The Milner Therapeutics Symposium has been scheduled for Tuesday 2nd July, 2024 and will take place as a hybrid event once again, streaming live from West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge. More details, a fantastic speaker line-up, and registration will be released in the coming months; be sure to add the date to your calendars!


*Public Engagement Training for Researchers

The University Researcher Development Programme offers a range of activities for researchers to help with public engagement. These include:

  • Introduction to Public Engagement
  • Drop in sessions offering expert advice to support public engagement work
  • Media training for The Conversation

Further details are available on the training website


*LMB Seminar Series

Se the LINK for a list of upcoming seminars at the LMB aimed at a general scientific audience and open to individuals throughout Cambridge. If you are not at the LMB and wish to attend a seminar, please contact the seminar secretary, unless the seminar is held online and joining information is included in the seminar information belowThe LMB hosts ‘The LMB Seminar Series’, where 1-2 leading scientists per month are invited to speak throughout the year. Four of these lectures are named in honour of LMB Nobel Laureates Max Perutz, Francis Crick, César Milstein and John Kendrew, given by eminent scientists from around the world. The LMB Seminar talks and LMB Named Seminar talks are advertised widely throughout the local area and are open to all.


*Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Course - Synthetic Biology 23 July-6 Aug, New York

Cells are the world’s most sophisticated chemists, and their ability to adapt to changing environments offers enormous potential for solving modern engineering challenges. Nonetheless, biological systems are noisy, massively interconnected, and non-linear, and they have not evolved to be easily engineered. The grand challenge of synthetic biology is to reconcile the desire for a predictable, formalized biological design process with the inherent ‘squishiness’ of biology.

This course focuses on how the complexity of biological systems can be combined with traditional engineering approaches to result in new design principles for synthetic biology. The centerpiece of the course is an immersive laboratory experience in which students work in teams to learn the practical and theoretical underpinnings of synthetic biology research. Broadly, the course explores how cellular regulation (transcriptional, translational, post-translational, and epigenetic) can be used to engineer cells that accomplish well-defined goals.


GEM-2024 Generative and Experimental Perspectives for Biomolecular Design 11 May, Vienna

The Generative and Experimental perspectives in bioMolecular design (GEM) workshop seeks to bridge this gap by bringing computationalists and experimentalists together. Together, we will explore the strengths and challenges of generative ML in biology, experimental integration of generative ML, and pinpoint biological problems ready for ML.

GEM is collaborating with Cell Systems to allow exceptional submissions to be considered for fast-tracking in their journal. GEM features an in-silico generative machine learning track as well as an experimental track for papers that have wet lab results.

Our lineup features renowned scientists as speakers and emerging leaders as panelists, encapsulating a spectrum from high-throughput experimentation and computational biology to generative ML. With a diverse organizing team and backed by industry sponsors, we dedicate the workshop to pushing the boundaries of ML's role in biology.

GEM is an in-person workshop on May 11th, in Vienna, Austria, at ICLR’24.


*Michaelmas term Plant Sciences department talks



*Build a Cell Seminar Series
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*Babraham Institute Seminars Hybrid

*Cambridge Neuroscience seminars. Online

*MRC Epidemiology Unit Hybrid

*Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Hybrid JCBC




*Cambridge Cardiovascular Seminar Series Link

Cambridge Cardiovascular Seminars held monthly - see here for list




                                     *SBS School of Biological Sciences Facility Friday seminar series