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Engineering Biology in Cambridge

Professor Bill   Adams
Head of Department
Moran Professor of Conservation and Development
Fellow of Downing College
Dr Jim   Ajioka
Senior University Lecturer
Department of Pathology
Co-founder, Colorifix
Dr. Lara  Allen
Director, Centre of Global Equality
Engineering Biology IRC Coordinator
Dr Somenath  Bakshi
University Lectureship in Synthetic Biology
+44 1223 3 32753
Dr Paul  Barker
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Downing college
Department of Chemistry
Centre for Protein Engineering
SynBio Fund project: A piezoelectric bio-platform to image and stimulate cellular interactions
01223 763096
Professor Sir David   Baulcombe
Head of the Department of Plant Sciences
Head of Group, Regius Professor of Botany
Royal Society Research Professor
Professor Jeremy   Baumberg
Professor of Nanophotonics
Director of the Nanophotonics Centre
Fellow of Jesus College
Dr Andreas  Bender
Lecturer in Molecular Informatics,
Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics,
Department of Chemistry
SynBio Fund project:
Organotypic cultures as tools for functional screening of drugs to promote oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination.
01223 762983
Dr Pietro   Cicuta
Head of Biological and Soft Systems
Corpus Christi, Fellow
Dr Lorenzo  di Michele
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Robert  Doubleday
Director, Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP)
Professor Paul  Dupree
Tutor for Graduate Students, Magdalene College
Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological)
Professor of Biochemistry
+44 (0)1223 333340
Dr. Ljiljana  Fruk
Head of BioNano Engineering Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotech
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
Dr. Rosalyn  Gregory
Senior Research Analyst, Research Strategy Office
Programme Manager, University Strategic Research Reviews
Dr. Oliver  Hadeler
Programme Manager of CamBridgeSens and the Sensor CDT
Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotech
Professor Lisa  Hall
Professor of Analytical Biotechnology
Deputy Head of Department (Research)
Professor Jim  Haseloff
Head of Group
IRC Engineering Biology Steering Committee - Chair
01223 766546
Professor Julian  Hibberd
Head of Group; Teaching Coordinator
01223 766547
Professor Florian   Hollfelder
Professor in Chemical and Synthetic Biology
Sheild Chair of Pharmacology
Professor Christopher  Howe
Professor of Plant Biochemistry
+44 (0)1223 333688
Dr Alexandre   Kabla
University Senior Lecturer
Department of Engineering
Emmanuel College
SynBio Fund project - Lead: Flexible, low cost, live­ cell imaging platform
Dr Sohini   Kar-Narayan
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
SynBio Fund project: A piezoelectric bio-platform to image and stimulate cellular interactions
+44 (0)1223 331695
Professor Peter   Leadlay
Herchel Smith Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
(01223) 333656
Dr James  Locke
Research Group Leader
01223 761110
Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry
Dr Gos  Micklem
Group Leader : Micklem Group
+44 (0)1223 760256
Faculty of Education and Wellcome Connecting Science
Dr Robert  Mullins
Senior Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory
Fellow of St. John's College, Director of Studies for Computer Science
Co-founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
+44(0)1223 763543
Dr Eileen  Nugent
Early Career Lecturer
 Andrew  Phillips
Head of Biological Computation Group, Microsoft Research
+44 (0)1223 479 700
Dr Stefanie  Reichelt
Head of Light Microscopy at Cancer Research UK
SynBio Fund project: 3D printed microscope
Dr. Catherine  Rhodes
Research Affiliate
Biosecurity Research Initiative at St Catharine’s College
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
MRC Toxicology Unit
Dr. Alasdair  Russell
Dr Shamith  Samarajiwa
Group Leader (Systems Biomedicine Group)
Computational Biology & Data Science
Dr Thierry  Savin
University Lecturer in Bioengineering
+44 1223 332762
Dr Sebastian  Schornack
Senior Gatsby Research Group Leader
+44(0)1223 761145
Dr Rameen   Shakur
Cardiologist, Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine, Department of Surgery
Clinical researcher, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Head of Group, Department of Plant Sciences
Professor of Plant Biochemistry
01223 333952
Senior Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Wellcome Trust & Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Professor Alex  Webb
Head of Group, Department Safety Officer
Department of Plant Sciences
01223 333948
Senior Researcher, University of Cambridge