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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Dr. Richard Milne

Deputy Director

Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public, Faculty of Education


I am a social scientist whose work addresses social and ethical challenges associated with new science and technology and the relationship between science and the public, primarily in the domains of genomics and the development of data-driven medicine. I am based in the Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public in the Faculty of Education and in the Engagement and Society Group at Wellcome Connecting Science, which is located alongside the Sanger Institute outside Cambridge. In Cambridge, I also co-lead the 'Ethics, Law and Society' strand of Cambridge Public Health.


My sociological research examines the ethical and social implications of developments in genomics and data science. In this context I am particularly interested in the relationship between science and 'the public', and in how we anticipate and address emerging challenges associated with discovery science. I also have a longstanding interest in the ethics of early detection in Alzheimer's disease.