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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


St John’s College intends to appoint up to six College Research Associates from 1 September 2024. Candidates must be of postdoctoral standing and may be graduates of any University. Preference will be given to those without a prior Oxbridge affiliation. There are no conditions of subject attached to these positions, but the successful applicants are likely to be within five years of having completed the requirements for the PhD (or equivalent) degree (excluding any maternity / paternity leave).  

Successful candidates are likely to have demonstrated an outstanding track-record of research, commensurate with their career stage. The scheme is open to all postdoctoral researchers including those who have already secured awards made in a national or international competition, including early career fellowships, for the purpose of conducting research in the University of Cambridge (or at an associated research institution).  

Candidates will be selected by reference to their ability to make a positive and dynamic contribution to the intellectual, educational and social life of the College.

The appointment of College Research Associate will normally be coterminous with the postdoctoral award in the University of Cambridge, up to a maximum of 3 years.

Membership of the College and various College benefits including a High Table dining privilege are offered, though no stipend or honorarium will be payable and no room or accommodation will be provided. The positions do not carry any teaching obligation, but involvement in College life is welcomed. 

The application site will open on Thursday 8 February 2024. Applications must be received by 14:00 GMT on Thursday 21 March 2024. All applications must be submitted online at

References must be submitted by the deadline of 14:00 GMT on Thursday 21 March 2024. Whilst you can submit an application before obtaining both references, your application will be considered incomplete if the references are not added by the deadline. Candidates are strongly encouraged to contact their referees without delay. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that referees submit their references by the deadline.

Short-listed candidates who accept an equivalent postdoctoral affiliation from another Cambridge College will be deemed to have withdrawn from St John’s College’s College Research Associates competition.

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