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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Café Synthetique is the monthly meetup for the Cambridge synthetic biology community with informal talks, discussion and pub snacks.

Fernan Fedirici is a co-organiser of TecnoX, an undergraduate initiative in Latin America which promotes playful and low cost learning technologies to address issues of social relevance, including robotics, software and synthetic biology. After an introduction to the competition - which likely features a lot of engineering, tinkering and hacking - Chih-Chun Chen will be drawing on her research on design thinking in the fields of synthetic biology and swarm robotics to ask the room "Are synthetic biologists engineers, tinkerers or hackers?" - come ready to discuss! 


Fernan Federici - Department of Plant Sciences and Université Catholique de Santiago

"TecnoX: applying technology to Latin American problems".


Chih-Chun Chen - Cambridge Engineering Design Centre

"Are synthetic biologists engineers, tinkerers or hackers?" (Interactive session)


Monday, 15 August, 2016 - 18:00 to 20:00
Event location: 
The Panton Arms