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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Whatever your discipline or age Biohackathon 2017 is open to all and encourages diverse people of any age, coming up with diverse solutions, from any discipline. Whether you are a designer, artist, actor, scientist, MBA, engineer, mathematician or programmer you are welcome to apply.

Following on from the first Biohackathon in Cambridge in 2016, this year Biohackathon 2017 is being held in London from 14th-24th September.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in biohacking to get involved and expand their ideas. Express you interest here.

With 'Decentralised Biology' as its theme the core technology will be cell free. Morning sessions are usually given over to interactive talks from mentors, followed by hands on practical advice. 

  • Day one is about brainstorming and by nightfall there should be an idea.
  • Day two is about prototyping and experimenting.
  • Day three is about validation and testing. 

If the outcomes are successful they could be exhibited as a part of the London Design Festival.

Biohackathon is funded by the SRI's SynBio Fund