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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Recordings from our November No-Code Programming for Biology workshops are now available online. Follow along to get started with your own custom devices.

For more information about on-going and future No-Code Programming for Biology events, please see the Biomaker website.

On November 13th and 20th, OpenPlant and the SynBio IRC hosted two workshops to help researchers get started with no-code programming and building their own custom bioinstruments. Following the sucess of this year's No-Code Programming for Biology programme, the workshops were attended by over 80 biologists keen to learn new skills such as use of Arduino microcontrollers, sensors, displays and XOD visual programming software.

For anyone who missed the workshops, our training materials are now available for free download online, including our Beginner's Guide to No-Code Programming and our Biomaker Handbook. Recordings of the workshops are also available (below and on the Biomaker YouTube channel) and will take you through some simple tasks to get started with no-code programming.

Workshop 1

  • Introduction: the beginner's kit, microcontrollers and XOD programming
  • Getting started task 1: testing your board
  • Getting started task 2: inputs and outputs

Workshop 2

  • Explore XOD: XOD nodes for testing, debugging, control and formatting
  • Building devices task 1: making a sensor display

You can learn more about the No-Code Programming for Biology programme on the Biomaker website. If you'd like to get involved please contact Steph Norwood (SynBio IRC Coordinator) at