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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Computer Laboratory


The Computer Laboratory was the birthplace of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK charity that promotes the study of computer science and electronics at the school level. The Rasberry Pi computer has gone on to form the basis of several open source project for lab instrumentation.


Computer Laboratory, 
University of Cambridge, 
15 JJ Thomson Avenue, 

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Dr Eiko Yoneki

Dr. Eiko Yoneki is an Affiliated Lecturer and Senior Researcher in the Systems Research Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology (Cambridge Computer Laboratory) and the Alan Turing Institute.

Dr Yoneki's work focuses on computer systems optimisation with bayesian optimisation, reinforcement learning, and various ML methodologies.

Keywords:  Computer Systems, Machine Learning, Bayesian Optimisation, Reinforcement Learning, ML Compiler

Areas of Expertise:  Computer Systems, Optimisations, Machine Learning, Super Optimisation

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Dr Utpal Bora PhD

Dr Bora is a postdoctoral researcher in the Architecture Research Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Automatic Parallelization: Compiler assisted parallelization of sequential programs.
High Performance Computing: Exploring programming models for high performance computing.
Program Analysis: Static analysis of programs for better program optimization and for finding bugs.
Polyhedral Compilation: Affine scheduling of programs for temporal and locality optimization.

Read more at: Dr Ting Dang PhD

Dr Ting Dang PhD

Research: I am currently a Senior Research Associate under Professor Cecilia Mascolo (Fellow of Jesus College) in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge. My primary research interests include audio based mental health and disease detection and monitoring, within the context of affective computing and mobile health respectively, e.g. audio based respiratory disease detection and long-term monitoring, emotion and depression prediction, biologically modelling of human auditory system, etc.

Read more at: Dr Jasmin Jahic PhD

Dr Jasmin Jahic PhD

Dr Jahic is a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Architecture Group, Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Software sytem architecture and digital twins:
- Treaceability of architectural decisions.
- Detection of runtime challenges in new environment.
- Reuse of engineering knowledge.
- Transparency
- Democratization of digital infrastructure.

Keywords: digital twins, software system architecture
Areas of Expertise: Software system architecture