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Jeremy Baumberg is a leader in nanoscience and nanotechnology, working for much of his career at the interface between academia and industry. He has led interdisciplinary nano-centres at the Universities of Cambridge and Southampton, and developed novel devices within Hitachi, IBM, his spin-offs Mesophotonics and Base4. He is widely recognised as a leading innovator in Nano, with most recent awards being the Institute of Physics Young Medal (2013), Royal Society Fellowship (2011) and Royal Society Mullard Prize (2005).


I am interested in constructing nano-materials with unusual interactions with light, especially ones that can be fabricated on a large scale which can lead to practical use. I have developed a range of unusual nanophotonics including kilometre-scale polymer opals, and am exploring what happens when we confine light to 1nm volumes or below, for probing single molecules and reactions. I have also explored how coherent and quantum properties can be manipulated by nano-structuring semiconductors, producing unusual condensates which can work at room temperature.


Key publications: 

"Nanoparticle-tuned Structural Colour from Polymer Opals". O.L.J. Pursiainen, J.J. Baumberg, H. Winkler, B. Viel, T. Ruhl, Opt. Exp. 15, 9553 (2007)

"Room temperature polariton lasing in semiconductor microcavities". S. Christopoulos, G. Baldassarri, P.G. Lagoudakis, A. Grundy, AV Kavokin, JJ Baumberg, G. Christmann, R. Butte, E. Feltin, J.-F. Carlin, N. Grandjean, Physical Review Letters, 98, 126405 (2007)

"Plasmonic bandgaps and Trapped Plasmons on Nanostructured Metal Surfaces". T.A. Kelf, Y. Sugawara, J.J. Baumberg, M. Abdelsalam and P.N. Bartlett, Physical Review Letters 95, 116802 (2005)

"Angle-resonant Stimulated polariton amplifier". P.G. Savvidis, J.J. Baumberg, R.M. Stevenson, M.S. Skolnick, D.M. Whittaker and J.S. Roberts, Physical Review Letters,  84, 1547 (2000)

"Complete photonic bandgaps in 12-fold symmetric quasicrystals". M.E. Zoorob, M.B.D. Charlton, G.J. Parker, J.J. Baumberg and M.C. Netti, Nature 404, 740 (2000)

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Professor of Nanophotonics
Director of the Nanophotonics Centre
Fellow of Jesus College
Professor Jeremy   Baumberg

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NanoPhotonics Centre,
Bragg/Kapitza buildings,
Cavendish Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue
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