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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Professor Jeremy Baumberg

Professor of Nanoscience

Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics


Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg FRS, is the Harald Aspden Professor of Fundamental Physics at the University of Cambridge, directing a key UK NanoPhotonics Centre. His research currently focusses on novel sensors for low-cost healthcare technologies. He is on EPSRC Council and an advisor for ARIA, with prior experience at Hitachi, IBM, and his spin-offs combining academic insight with innovation. With over 47000 citations (h-111), he is a leading innovator in Nano, leading to many awards including the IoP Faraday gold Medal (2017) and Royal Society Rumford Medal (2014). His recent popular science book “The Secret Life of Science: How Science Really Works and Why it Matters” explored how science research culture can be changed [].


Nanophotonics, trace analyte detection, intelligent toilet, optical nose, light-matter interactions, Raman spectroscopy, mid-IR spectroscopy, nano self-assembly, nanomachines, DNA origami nanostructures.



Professor of Nanophotonics
Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics

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