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Engineering Biology in Cambridge

Biomaker Stage 2: Expansion Pack

Tried out the No-Code Programming for Biology beginner's kit and wondering what's next? Interested in building your own custom, low-cost hardware for biology research? Our Biomaker Stage 2 kits are now available - including a TotemMaker Chassis kit to build your protypes on, and an extention pack of useful sensors for environmental monitoring.

Following the sucess of the EngBio IRC and Biomaker's third annual No-Code Programming for Biology training workshops, a second stage of training and free hardware kits are now available.

The Biomaker expansion pack is designed for those with previous experience, or those who have already completed the No-Code Programming for Biology training. The expansion pack contains a chassis-building kit and a pack of additional sensors useful for a wide range of biological applications. Biomaker can also offer a range of extended training materials and personalised support alongside this pack. You can use the expansion pack to start building your own devices and prototypes for lab and field applications.

This expansion kit is a complement to the Stage-1 Beginners Kit. It contains:

  • Chassis Building Kit: a kit from Totemmaker ( - to self-assemble a self-standing frame for the Grove Beginner Kit. This provides a support for additional accessories and a small breadboard for interfacing custom components. 
  • Extended components Pack: a set of sensor and output devices, which include some low-cost but sophisticated board components for learning how to integrate new electronic functions with no-code programming, and building novel customised instruments.
  • Advanced Guide and Tutorials: onlline graphical instruction guide including how to wire components to your board, and how to programme them using XOD no-code programming language.

To apply for an expansion pack:

Please send a picture of your beginner’s kit (or equivalent hardware - Arduino + screen) in use and a short sentence explaining why you are interested in receiving an expansion pack to

Below is a selection of images sent by previous participants

What is included in the Kit?

A full list of the kit contents is provided below and on the Biomaker website.


For more information, please see the Biomaker website.