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Engineering Biology in Cambridge

Photo of an Opentron lab automation robot and and laptop used for coding it

The Engineering Biology IRC is pleased to announce the date for the Open-Source Lab Automation Workshop. The workshop will take place in one session from 1:15-5:30pm on 24th November and will include hands-on sessions.

This workshop has the objective to introduce automation to wet-lab researchers interested in implementing it in their workflows. From basic to more advanced applications, during the session participant will learn how to design and adapt workflows and implement them. The first half is dedicated to the introduction and demonstration of protocols and the second half will be a hands-on session. Participants will have the chance to learn and interact with an expert in automation from the Earlham Bio Foundry. We encourage participants to bring example workflows from all disciplines that they would like to implement in their labs to discuss during the workshop. The workshop is mainly based on the open-source low-cost platform OT-2 and the web-based software Protocol Designer (Opentrons) but the knowledge and advanced applications will be useful for other equipment. Participant needs to bring their laptops in order to participate in the hands-on session. University of Cambridge Postdocs, Research Assistants, Technicians, and PhD students from all Departments are welcome to attend.


L3 lecture room. Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Philippa Fawcett Dr, Cambridge CB3 0AS.


Lesley Ives (Automation Senior Research Assistant, Earlham Institute BIO Foundry), Felipe Buson (Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), Facundo Romani (Department of Plant Sciences).


Facundo Romani (Department of Plant Sciences), Jenny Molloy (Open Bioeconomy Lab)

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