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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


We're very excited to announce the project list for this year's Biomaker Challenge. The participants span 20 University of Cambridge departments, several Norwich institutes, and include industry professionals and international collaborators from Germany, Chile, Argentina, Kenya and beyond. The proposals were incredibly varied, including everything from a neural sensor for early-stage cancer detection to a low-cost incubator to grow mycelium biotextiles. What's next in the challenge? We're putting the final touches on this year's training materials and are looking forward to our first training event on Monday 3 June (all are welcome)!


Biomaker Africa Coordinator Anne-Pia Marty preparing low-cost hardware kits for participants


Project Titles

  1. An open-source dynamic light scattering device for nanoparticles sizing

  2. LunaFlow: Bioluminescent plankton for 3D flow visualisations of pressure fields

  3. Pressure controlled micro-manipulation of bioluminescent microorganisms

  4. Stress priming for improved production of biotech-relevant compound in green alga

  5. Mechanisms for direct electron transfer (DIET) between Geobacter and Methanothrix

  6. Diabetes diagnosis and management using Arduino and mobile user interface

  7. Developing an open & affordable 3D bioprinter

  8. Droplet-based microfluidics to mimic the compartmentation of metabolism in multicellular systems

  9. e-CO-SENSE – Biophotovoltaic Powered Soil Sensors

  10. An open toolkit for engineering microbial interactions

  11. Establishing a joint UK-Kenya Phytoplasma research initiative

  12. Build Your Own DNA Dave

  13. Low Cost SLM Interface Board for Advanced Microscopy

  14. SAFE - Safe Air For Everyone: DIY-friendly air filtration unit and air quality sensor

  15. Variable-time cameras with image recognition for inexpensive, large-scale monitoring of plant pollination events

  16. Low-cost oxygen sensor for bioreactors

  17. MACRO IMAGER: a low-cost multi-purpose large area macro digital photography phenotyping station

  18. A behavioural chamber to evaluate rodent forelimb grasping performance

  19. Low cost incubator to grow mycelium biotextile

  20. Aeroponics for All: low-cost aeroponic growing unit prototype

  21. A neural sensor for early-stage cancer detection

  22. In-situ 3D visualization using X-ray CT during mechanical testing of natural cellular materials

  23. BrewerMicro – DIY microscope for counting yeast

  24. IoHeat: a low-cost, remotely-controlled heated compartment for cell-culture

  25. Did the organellar transit peptide duplicate itself to make a disordered linker protein?

  26. Identification of genes involved in chloroplast division by comparison of temporal transcriptomics of C. reinhardtii and A. thaliana

  27. Engineering Low-cost Turbidostat Systems for Running Microbial Evolution Experiments


Join our Cambridge community building & training events: Mondays 3, 10 June & 1, 8 July

The Biomaker meetups are open to all and will be a great opportunity to connect with the open technology community and learn new skills. The first training event will be an introduction to the Biomaker starter kit focusing on programming the arduino micro controller using the XOD visual programming interface. Just bring your laptops and we'll provide the hardware and instruction!

More info & RSVP >>>


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