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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


The Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC) has been running events to support young technologists for the last 13 years. This year our committee is passionate about supporting the transition from idea to prototype in biology and with this in mind we ran a Bio-Hackathon in collaboration with the London Biohackspace and with Bento Bio Works.

Biohackathon cover image

The Idea

50 competitors from across the world came together in Cambridge to try to solve some of the biggest challenges facing biology. Teams came with expertise as diverse as Computer Science, Genetics, Medicine, Art/Design and Performing Arts. This meant that the event was a wonderful learning experience and focused on dynamic solutions. Our overall winners focussed on building a web interface to enable to design and fabrication of novel DNA parts using a "cloud-laboratory" Transcriptic.

The Team

Freddi Scheib
Peter Choy
Dr Tom Meany

Freddi Scheib 

Freddi scheib is a PhD student in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology and is an expert in the extraction, sequencing, and analysis of DNA from ancient human remains.

Peter Choy 

Peter is an undergraduate student of St Johns College, Cambridge.

Dr Thomas Meany

Dr Thomas Meany is Thomas is an Interdisciplinary Fellow, jointly hosted by CEB and the Plant Sciences department, developing microfluidic techniques for genetic engineering. His previous role was as a research scientist for the Toshiba Cambridge Research Labs as a Marie Curie Fellow developing quantum technologies.  

External Collaborators

Project Outputs