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Key publications: 

1. Liddicoat et al, 'Repositioning Generic Drugs: Empirical Findings and Policy Implications' (2022) 53 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 8

2. Liddicoat, Liddell and Fritz, ‘Reconsidering Repositioning Incentives: An Empirical Legal Analysis of Market Protection for New Therapeutic Indications’ (2021) 3 European Pharmaceutical Law Review 110.

3. Liddicoat & Parish ‘Ironing Out the Wrinkles: Reforms to Crown Use and Compulsory Licensing to Help prepare the Patents Acts 1977 for the Next Health Crises’ (2021) 4 Intellectual Property Quarterly 245.

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, King's College London
Dr John  Liddicoat

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