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Engineering Biology in Cambridge



Dr Peyman Gifani obtained his PhD at the Engineering Department, Control Group. He is now a Postcode researcher working jointly between Genetic Department (Institute of Systems Biology) and Engineering Department (Machine intelligence Group). His project is funded by Welcome Trust and the University of Cambridge. Through his academic path he has enriched his knowledge in multidisciplinary areas including nonlinear dynamical systems modelling, bioengineering, machine learning and software design. The essence of his intellectual and professional life is creative and critical thinking for problem solving. During his PhD in Information Engineering division in the Department of Engineering, he developed a novel design framework based on nonlinear dynamical system theory for synthetic biology. This framework is the basis for developing a web-based design automation tool during this proposal. He has always been fascinated by biomedical engineering, which directed him to develop a new algorithm for brain signal (EEG) processing and raised fund for designing a medical device to monitor depth of anesthesia during surgery before starting his PhD.

Research Student
Information Engineering
SynBio Fund projects:
Interactive web-based software tool for biological circuit design (Extension plan) - Lead
Interactive web­ based software for genetic circuit design - Lead
 Peyman  Gifani 

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Engineering Department
Trumpington Street
+44 1223 7 66768
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