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Engineering Biology in Cambridge



My research to date has focused on studying microbial signalling systems using functional genomics, and developing methods for engineering gene expression in bacterial and mammalian cells. My present research includes molecular computing with nucleic acids and prototyping synthetic biological devices using cell-free transcription-translation.


Molecular computing, riboswitches, aptamers, genome editing, cell-free transcription translation, quorum sensing, control of metabolism, bacterial pathogenicity, bacteriophage.


Key publications: 

Swatton, J. E., P. W. Davenport, E. A. Maunders, J. L. Griffin, K. S. Lilley, and M. Welch. ‘Impact of Azithromycin on the Quorum Sensing-Controlled Proteome of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa’. PLOS ONE 11, no. 1 (25 January 2016): e0147698.

Davenport, Peter W., Julian L. Griffin, and Martin Welch. ‘Quorum Sensing Is Accompanied by Global Metabolic Changes in the Opportunistic Human Pathogen Pseudomonas Aeruginosa’. Journal of Bacteriology 197, no. 12 (15 June 2015): 2072–82.

Juhas, Mario, Lewis D. B. Evans, Joe Frost, Peter W. Davenport, Orr Yarkoni, Gillian M. Fraser, and James W. Ajioka. ‘Escherichia Coli Flagellar Genes as Target Sites for Integration and Expression of Genetic Circuits’. PLOS ONE 9, no. 10 (28 October 2014): e111451.

Postdoctoral Fellow
SynBio Fund project - Lead: Finding new recombinases
Dr Peter  Davenport

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Center for Biomedical Engineering
University of New Mexico
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