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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Chris is a PhD Student on the BBSRC DTP PhD Programme, in the James Locke Group at the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University, where he conducts research on cyanobacteria at the interface of systems biology, synthetic biology and chronobiology.

At the University, he is also involved in leading student initiatives in synthetic biology, serving as the President of the Cambridge University Synthetic Biology Society and taking a key role in the relaunch, organisation and instruction of the Cambridge iGEM Team.

Prior to commencing his PhD studies, Chris completed his undergraduate degree at Imperial College London, where he was a member of the Imperial iGEM Team and co-founder of SynBIC, the Imperial College London Synthetic Biology Society. He also undertook several years in both academia and industry, gaining a firm appreciation for the power of academic research and its industrial translation to make a positive impact on the world.





Twitter @chrisynbio



Key publications: 

Chris N. Micklem and James C. W. Locke. 2021. "Cut the noise or couple up: Coordinating circadian and synthetic clocks." iScience 24 (9): 103051.

Florea, Michael, Henrik Hagemann, Gabriella Santosa, James Abbott, Chris N. Micklem, Xenia Spencer-Milnes, Laura de Arroyo Garcia, et al. 2016. “Engineering Control of Bacterial Cellulose Production Using a Genetic Toolkit and a New Cellulose-Producing Strain.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (24): E3431–40.

Wong, Yan-Fung, Chris N. Micklem, Masataka Taguchi, Hidehiro Itonaga, Yasushi Sawayama, Daisuke Imanishi, Shinichi Nishikawa, Yasushi Miyazaki, and Lars Martin Jakt. 2014. “Longitudinal Analysis of DNA Methylation in CD34+ Hematopoietic Progenitors in Myelodysplastic Syndrome.” Stem Cells Translational Medicine 3 (10): 1188–98.

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