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Engineering Biology in Cambridge


Dr Xuan Li

BHF Senior Research Fellow

Department of Medicine


Dr Xuan Li is a group leader at the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Heart and Lung Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK. Dr Li had completed medical training in China, and then had research training in biochemistry (CRUK Ph.D. student in the University of Birmingham), cell biology (MRC Career Development Fellow at the MRC-LMB, Cambridge) and cardiovascular medicine (Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge) in UK before she established her own research group in Cambridge.


Li group is studying the basic mechanism of microtubule machinery in the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease, particularly inflammatory cardiovascular disease. Li’s research group revealed some fundamental regulatory machinery of microtubule dysfunction in inflammasome activation and in heart failure. Her group established and optimized a set of multidisciplinary approaches to analyse microtubule function in the cardiovascular cells. Here group is interested in using bio-engineering approaches to study microtubule funtion or regulation of microtubule function in cardiovascular cells and relevant diseases.




BHF Senior Research Fellow
Department of Medicine

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